Annual Trees of Life Gala

This year’s 9th Annual Trees of Life GALA (Get Out of the Boat) was fun and successful. The money we raised will go directly to taking care of our patients. We also brought awareness of the Living Water Community Clinic to some who did not know us. We are so thankful for all who attended and supported the Living Water Community Clinic! Here are some photos from the GALA.

Our entertainment – Clinic Ensemble – were so good. They consisted of Angie on the keyboards (volunteer serving during Clinics at our welcome/registration desk), Dr. Hardy (Medical Director and volunteer provider serving during Clinics), Dr. Corsones (volunteer provider serving during Clinics), Debby (volunteer Operations Manager), Cathy (volunteer dental retired hygienist), Annette (volunteer serving at welcome/registration desk), and Stone (a supporter of the Clinic).

This 4′ by 3′ motorized sailboat held bookmarks to keep and pray for our patients.

2023 GALA Auction Items

Why We Volunteer

Thank you for your generous support at the Annual Trees of Life GALA!